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Make Monday Great

With a bank holiday weekend last week, this Monday felt tough. So I'm on a mission to make Monday great! I don't mean Friday evening great, no-more-Monday-blues great.  To be honest, Monday tends to only be rubbish because we think it is rubbish - the weekend is over so why wouldn't we hate Monday?! So how can we improve Mondays?
Here's a few of the things I have tried.

 1. Under-schedule. Where possible, leave your heavy tasks for Tuesday, try to keep the day as light as possible and less chance of over-whelm. Though try scheduling some breaks and silent moments.  I rarely get a lunch break, but when I do, it's always a Monday. I always keep Monday night for myself (no kids...) and, except in extreme circumstance, I will never work late. Otherwise, I'm a wreck for the rest of the week.

 2. Have a morning routine. Indulge in your cup of tea or coffee, go for a walk, stand outside in the sun, but whatever you do it's not meant to involve checking your work em…

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