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Mental health with a chronic illness

There's a myriad of issues to deal with when diagnosed with a chronic illness. It's not just the symptoms, the pain, the shortness of breath even though you're only sitting on a sofa, the needing help from others, or the incessant hospital appointments, but the thoughts and emotions around acceptance and adjusting to life being different now. At almost nine years since diagnosis I'm still not there yet.

For me, the biggest one is running. I'm not as fast as I used to be and it was a big shock how slow I had become. Plus how difficult it was, and sometimes still is, to lift one foot in front of the other without my toes catching the floor and landing flat on my face! I had to forget my old PBs, and accept the new ones. Well, I say new ones, they've been there since Spring of 2012. Since before a couple of big relapses that caused major setbacks. I've done Couch to 5k more times than I can count, just so I can keep running through illness.

Then there’s the …

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