Little hinderer

With plans to spend most of the weekend out and about, I put aside Saturday morning and evening for bag making.  Clearly someone felt that he was being neglected and decided that the layers would make a good bed.... even with pins....

Fickle little hinderer
Usually I can get around this by making another piece of fabric seem more important.  He is getting too clever for that now.  So I turfed him off and listened to the abusive meows for the next few hours as he watched me from the sofa with contempt.  Forgiveness from my fickle little hinderer came, as with most animals, when it was time for his dinner. 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


  1. Wonder if you can teach him that dinner costs money and money is what you get when you're allowed to finish your creations...Somehow I don't think it'll work. Cat logic is a whole other thing! LOL

  2. LOL if only! HRH thinks that dinner is from a magic place on top of the cupboard.


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