A very big thank you…

For a while now I have been trying to change my follow-me icons.  I wanted rid of my large icons and have small side-by-side icons instead. 

I searched Google and 95% of 'simple' sites I found were all tech-speak and of no use to me at all; the others just didn't work.  Plus I am very limited in the time I have to be able to trawl the internet looking for what I need. 

By fluke (and I say fluke because I have since forgotten the search words I used) I found James.  James' blog is easy to understand, the "Blogger gadget subscribe and follow" post has icons to choose from and a handy little button called "Add to Blogger": click and it opens a new window to set up your new gadget directly into your blog.  It is quite possibly the simplest part of my blog design to date.

So James, a very big thank you for a blog that is packed full of useful tips that even I can (mostly) understand.