I have been remembering that I need to show you the finished clutch bag I made for my friend a while back, usually the thought popping into my head at the same time as something else and the blog post gets forgotten. Having been on here now I see it's been a long time....

Pondering on what has happened in the past few months: a couple of big things, a few somethings and quite a lot of not so something. Life really. But the final reminder that I need to blog the post? Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas (the link takes you to the 2010 post, but the info is the same, although the price may be different this year).

So, firstly I shall show you the finished bag...

and cross that off the to do list.

And so to Journal Your Christmas ("JYC").

I absolutely love anything to do with Christmas, so having JYC every day in December is fantastic. Shimelle sends through a prompt every day to help you create your journal. There are forums that we get together and chat and help each other along the way. From an outsider point of view it's entirely geeky, but we all love it.

The past couple of years I have not been able to complete the journal, which isn't a big deal as you can add to it yearly. However this year I want to complete the whole album, to document my entire 2011 festive season. So, as per Shimelle's suggestion, I have prepped my pages and am ready to go. I adapt some of the prompts to fit with what I want, this year I have had a reshuffle to fit in with my plans, and I add my own prompts to include days such as my work Christmas party and my birthday.

So in keeping with my promise to myself to work on my JYC daily, I shall blog about it too, at least weekly, of my own JYC and of any of the others that I like along the way.