Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,
I've been good! As you well know; apparently you've been watching. This year I would really love a Kindle please, the new one without the keyboard. Don't need 3G, WiFi will do. I already know the fabric I would use to make a case for it and I promise to wait for Christmas to be over before I start making it. No need for snow, had enough last year, I have lots of driving to do this year to be able to see my loved ones.

Santa is a huge part of the festive season for me. I will always be a believer. I love to visit Santa at least once a year, it's safe to say I get more excited than my niece, who is fortunately too young to know she is my excuse.

As a kid I would sit for hours with the Argos book deciding what I wanted from Santa. Dad would have to bring two home as I would take the scissors to it cutting out the pictures. I love to watch my niece do that now, albeit with a much larger book. A never ending cycle that her kids will no doubt do.

Hope Santa brings everything you asked for.