Festive baking...

Baking is a huge part of Christmas for me. I learnt to bake from my mum and gran.  With gran it was always cakes, never by measuring, always by instinct (but her reasons for that were two-fold).  Gran's speciality were her chocolate fairy cakes. Cupcakes didn't exist in the UK when I was growing up.  We also made rock cakes, named due to each cake being a different shape, or possibly that on the odd occasion that they were on the "heavy" side (instincts were off on those days). My dad was always chief cake tester (tough job, but someone had to do it).  Dad still is a cake tester but Himself, due to proximity, has assumed position of chief and taken to it like a duck to water. Although nearly lost his title (and a bit more) on the day he dared to utter "Woman! Fetch me cake!". Fortunate for him that I find him amusing. 

I make the Christmas cake, my own version of mince pies, but I don't make a Christmas pudding. I don't have the patience to let them mature; I buy mini ones from CostCo and eat them all year round.... I also bake for my day of advent that we have in work - a December full of treats a day. This year I baked gingerbread. 

My gran would make the mince pies and the pudding on Christmas day, something my mum swore she would never do and never has.  Neither have I, like my mum I bake in advance. 

My most prominent childhood memory is of not of baking the cake, but eating it.  Mum always did the obligatory marzipan and icing, my sister and I would never eat it and instead would drop it on to dad's plate, he always gave us one of his mock-indignant looks and then scoffed it anyway.


  1. I love christmas baking as well....especially gingerbread....which we never really make at any other time!


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