Forced frivolity and Christmas jumpers...

Today was the office Christmas party. The theme was "Christmas jumpers" hmmmm.... There was also a sense of forced frivolity, mainly due to it being a Tuesday!  Jumpers also seemed to attract a relaxed dress code, with most of us in jeans; a far cry from the glam of last year's theme of masks resulting in the women with glittering masks in equally glittering dresses.

It's amusing to see pack mentality: a lot of moans and blasé comments followed the theme announcement, with a change in the past week to severe competitiveness of who would have the worst jumper, for which there were many contenders!  I cheated and used a jumper I already have and tacked to it my felt appliqué Santa that I hang on the door at home.

Those that attend the party take part in secret Santa. £5 is the limit and no criteria for the gift. Gift as you see fit. I was extremely fortunate this year in that a fellow PA was my secret Santa (she told me once I opened it) and I received a new Cath Kidston train ticket holder. Perfect! I was only saying to Himself a few weeks ago that mine (also by CK) is starting to split after a couple of years use.

My secret Santa gift
The venue was lacking in festive decorations, the food was fairly mediocre, the wine tasted like vinegar (so I'm told - I don't drink), the music far too loud and the staff were grumpy. Above par in comparison to previous years and still provides enough to complain about for those that need to, but the rest of us had a great time!

Smallest starter EVER


  1. I think that's probably the nicest Secret Santa present I have ever seen!

  2. Sounds like a typical office party:)
    But you did receive a nice gift.

  3. Definitely a great gift, I instantly swapped my tickets in to the new one.


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