I saw this….

My Christmas shopping is done, has been for weeks, I'm one of those annoying people that likes to buy things as I see them. However, my Christmas sewing is still a work in progress; even if I had finished I would only start on next year's gifts. I see so many things and think "ooh I could make something like that for so-and-so" and it gets added to the perpetual list of things to make.

Part of the process, showing a gift to myself.
I do have a problem with keeping gifts a secret though. Especially if I have made the gift. I just can't wait to hand it over and many gifts have been given early for this very reason. Even now I'm having to remind myself that I can't tell you any of the gifts for this year. When really I just want to tell you about the thing that I made my niece and the gift that I can't wait for dad to open and as for what I have for Himself…. Not only is keeping it secret difficult, I have to remember to hide it all away and then to remember where it's hidden....


  1. I love your JYC entries! Especially love the tale of the office party! brilliant x looking forward to reading more.

  2. Ha! Yes I am the same - and especially remembering what is hidden where. Great journal entries! (oops doubled up - sorry) Sharyn at LaVieEnChic.com

  3. Thanks for sharing.
    I am one of those annoying people that tell everyone what I want from them. They buy it and hand it over once it is bought. No surprises but I do get what I want and need:)


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