It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I love how the world changes at this time of year.  Fairy lights appear in the windows of homes, towns and villages have Christmas light switch ons, and huge, and generally ugly such as Homer Simpson, inflatables appear in gardens and on rooftops.

Yesterday was the light switch on in town, so himself and I wandered down for the carol singing, had coffee in one of the cafes (not Starbucks, which if you know me you will know must be a Christmas miracle....) and then watched the lights being switched on.  I really need to pay attention to Shimelle's "focus" prompts and learn how to use my camera properly....


  1. Morning lorraine :-)
    Nice photo effect! Especially like the foot shot.

  2. Lights are one of the best bits of CHristmas I reckon! We have a row of little lit trees to stretch up our stairs and we have just turned them on this afternoon.

  3. Love the photos.


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