Oh the weather outside is….

Delightful! Unless you hate snow, then it is frightful.  When I got up yesterday at 5.30am it had already been snowing for a while. There was a brief flurry of snow during the morning in London.   As much as I love the snow, our trains are not able to run on sunny days, let alone anything else, so trying to get home from work on snowy days can be a nightmare.
Outside my front door at 5am
Last year we had a white Christmas.  It didn't snow on Christmas day itself, but had done every day for a week before hand.  The snow was so bad at one point that it was becoming more likely that we would not get together on Christmas day.  Christmas at my sister's meant I was cooking the turkey so I would've had that all to myself, well sharing with Hali.  My mum and dad would've had brussel sprouts and bread sauce for their lunch so I definitely would've got the better deal.  As it was, I was brave enough to drive in the snow so I had to share, Hali was not impressed
My sister and I, 1979
When I was small we used to have loads of snow over winter and it would last.  Dad would have bonfires out in the snow it would stick around for so long.

Have a great weekend


  1. I'm hoping we get to christmas without any snow this year!!


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