Present monitor....

One tradition that is huge in my family is that of "present monitor". PM for short. When I was small it used to be a bit of a free for all. Paper and presents went everywhere, no one saw who got what and it was all over in about 5 minutes.

Mum and dad put a stop to that. We now had to take turns. Still do. Present opening lasts for near two hours now. I would make such a fuss, so impatient to start tearing at paper. Still do. Being the youngest, and most likely so to keep me occupied whilst others opened theirs, I got to be the one to hand the gifts out. Still do. Once opening was about half way through I would start to create piles per person, I don't know why but I would insist that we all had one gift left at the end. Yep, still do.

As I approached my late 20's my parents gently pointed out that I may have to give up the role of PM, once/if a new small person joined the family. Pfft. Wasn't having any of that.

I am about to turn 34 and my niece is 4. I love the little Miss so dearly that 2 years ago she became my assistant, given presents small enough for her to carry. She did well so last year she became present monitor in training. Will she ever get the role of PM? In truth, it's unlikely....


  1. lmao, you can tell you're the youngest of your siblings ;-)

  2. lol do you really think so? Don't know why...


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