Talking turkey....

What would Christmas be without turkey and trimmings? For me it wouldn't be right. There's just something about the early rising to put said bird in the oven and then getting back into a warm bed trying to forget for a couple more hours that Santa has been.

For the past 9 years Christmas dinner has been at mine (well last year it was at my sister's but I still had to cook the bird and take it with me, much the disapproval of HRH - my cat holds grudges).  This year dinner will be at my parents, so I will still be pitching in.

Christmas lunch is served about 1pm. We have turkey, roast potatoes, parsnips, sausage meat, stuffing, veg including brussels (which I have grown to like after being forced to eat at least 2 a year). The years I cooked we also had yorkshire puddings and carrot and swede mash. Mustn't forget the cranberry sauce, but we usually do. No doubt my 4yr old niece will be wanting ketchup this year. Dinner is always followed by Christmas pudding, my absolute fave! (I'm getting hungry just thinking about it all....)

Like mother; like daughter, I prepare as much as I can about 3 weeks before and it all goes in the freezer. Leaving only the turkey and veg for the day. The rest comes out of the freezer and finishes off in the oven in it's serving dish and straight to the table. My mum will be preparing any day now. I actually missed all the prep work last year, (my sister had the trimmings prepped by Mr Supermarket, I can still see my mother's frown) it's all part of the build up for me, peeling potatoes and parsnips whilst sitting in front of a Christmas film. Last year I had a pamper day instead, so I may well do that again this year...