Year after year...

Trying to think of my family traditions isn't that easy because, well, Christmas is Christmas as it's always been, you know: because mum said so!

We would open stockings on mum and dad's bed then would have to shower and get dressed before opening presents. I still do this. Mum introduced that one as she could never pull us away from playing to get ready before family arrived.

We would always have dinner early afternoon, then leftovers and salad for tea.  Mum and gran would always want to watch the queen's speech (at the proper time of 3pm!!), but would either catch the end of it or miss entirely. Mum still does even though it's now on at 6pm, on two channels, and we can record it!

Tea at Gran's 1979
We have cracker gifts before dessert. Cracker gifts started because crackers were so very expensive and naff things inside, so instead mum would buy cheap crackers, which usually have the best groan-worthy jokes anyway, and buy us all a little gift.

Who could forget the Christmas specials on tv....?

On Boxing day we alternate between my family home and the home of our dear family friends. Arriving usually around 3pm to exchange gifts, eat lots of food, and play whichever daft game one of us was given for Christmas that year along with at least one game of Trivial Pursuit, football scores to be checked, laughs to have, crisps in the Party Susan and chocolates, lots and lots of chocolate, preferably Elizabeth Shaw mints, or as my mum calls them: Elizabeth Duke.  Of which those in England will remember is the "brand" of Argos jewellery! Bless her, she is such a ditz, and trust me that the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree....

Have a wonderful weekend everyone


  1. A lot of our traditions are the same ones I had as a child!!

  2. It's the traditions that make Christmas. I certainly wouldn't want to go to a restaurant on Christmas Day.


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