Having been off work all week poorly, I haven't done a lot except for looking at snow, sewing, internet surfing and viewing the tv.  Being in the UK we are notoriously behind in a lot of programmes from the states, and I am hooked on "Ace of Cakes", now up to 2009!  I love it for the creativity and the crazy things that they achieve with cake.  The downside is that I want to eat cake....

So I made some. Chocolate orange.  I have eaten many.  Should take photo first!  I didn't bother with frosting, I just wanted to eat them.  The batter had zest and juice of two oranges - do the cakes count as one of my five a day?

Having not frosted I thought I would have a surf looking to see what others come up with.... click on the captions to follow back to the original location.

Cake and cookie - perfect!!
So cute
Make up and cake
And these I just want to eat

So there we are.  Cake!  It's what Friday was invented for..  Happy weekend everyone.