Dress a girl...

Social networking is one of those topics that many people disagree on: some love it, some hate it. Some pop on randomly, others live their life by it.  But one thing that everyone should be able to agree on is the huge level of “face” time that companies, especially charities, can use to get their name out, because of how we connect.

My former day job used to give me a level of satisfaction, accomplishment and a feeling I had made a difference in someone's life that no job before, nor since, has achieved. I was discussing this with a colleague earlier this week, in a similar position and decided that if work didn’t cut it, then we would have to find it elsewhere.   Later that day, scrolling though my friend feed, I saw a tweet from TheCreatePlace about their next Second Friday Society, following a read through their blog I discovered the subject of a recent event that struck a chord with me and the words “find it elsewhere” ran through my mind. 

It's true: Every girl deserves a pretty dress.  I can sew more than just bags; I have been making my own dresses for years, so this is perfect for me to get involved in.  Within 24hrs I’d had, via the American organisers, a brief email chat with the UK partner, Louise at Sew Scrumptious, and signed myself up for making some dresses.  All from just one tweet.

So I am now off to rummage through the fabric stash and see what I can find to make the first of many dresses.  I’ll keep you posted.