Ready at last....

So, after an illness that lasted a lot longer than expected and then settling back in to the day job, my 5 dresses for dress a girl are finally ready to go and have been dispatched to Louise to arrive at some point today.

Not the most interesting photo granted, but some quirky part of me wants Louise to be the first to see all the completed dresses.

I have always thought that if I happened to be off work for a considerable amount of time that I would be able to achieve so much at the sewing machine, as it turned out I only really managed to cut out the dresses.  Most of my time was spent adding to the dent in the sofa and on some days that took all the energy that I had.

Life has now settled back to "normal".  Not only am I back out running and have signed up to a half marathon in July, I am back at the sewing machine again, my most recent project being a crafting tote for a friend.  I would show you, but I forgot to take a photo…


  1. Your dresses are absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you so much. I love them!! I am just about to blog about them with some photos. Really appreciate your support. Louise xx


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