Binx learns to stitch

It's toy day at the Day Job. All the partners are away at a conference, most associates are on leave. So it's a day of peace for the rest of us, and almost like the last day of term, hence toy day. Although I think it a bad idea to be spotted playing Connect Four...

It's also Aunt Duty day.  I'll be leaving work early to pick up Binx from school.  Binx is my theme of Fabulous Friday.  August last year I taught her to sew.  I was making a few Christmas decorations and she wanted to learn.  So here she is, stitching a tree and then showing off her tree.

A few weeks later, Binx helped me to stitch some of the little felt decorations that are in her advent calendar.
I have a few sewing projects planned for this weekend, I'll share those that I can with you next week.

Have a wonderful weekend