Having slowly gotten hooked on to the new Sky 1 programme "Revolution", I started to wonder what my life would be like without electricity and technology. I wouldn't be writing this post for a start.  No mobile phones, no Starbucks and no sewing machine. The three items I just couldn't do without. Obviously I'd switch to sewing by hand, but would I still make all the dolls etc. that I make or just sew clothes for necessity? Fabric choices would change as we wouldn't have the machinery to make the modern fabrics. Threads and zips would change too. History tells us that we had denim long before Alexander Graham Bell, so thank goodness we will still have jeans!!
I currently have no heating, so am already getting an idea of what that would be like. I'll more than likely become vegetarian if I had to kill my own animals.  There'd be no more commuting to work (hurrah!!), no more hair straighteners (Eeek!!!), but sadly there'd still be ironing as we'd go back to the old fashioned way of heating the iron on a stove, or at least we *could*, I try to avoid ironing wherever possible!

But just based on the thought that there'd be no more Starbucks, I really hope the power doesn't go out...