This is my, affectionately known as, ANZ bag: 

Made for my once in a life time amazing trip to New Zealand and Australia.  Four months ago today I was on my way.  Designed with two intentions in mind: 1 - to be folded and tucked into my hand luggage, then before boarding to take key items from the main bag (to be put in to the overhead bin) and the ANZ bag to be with me at my seat; and 2 - for exploring with me.

Inside the bag is a large zipped section, this had my purse, tablet, phone and anything else valuable hidden away.  Still leaving more than enough room in the main part for my cardigan and any shopping I picked up along the way (mainly Starbucks mugs...)

ANZ and I in Starbucks, Melbourne, Australia
Although whilst leaving the ship in Sydney my hand luggage bag broke, so I had to borrow a rucksack, so for the flight home the ANZ was used from the outset, there was nowhere else for Derek to fit in!! and I soon added another Starbucks mug in Singapore...)

Derek - he bleats too!  Given to me by my darling friend when I landed in NZ
ANZ is still used for exploring here in the UK and on some days into the office.
The beauty in this bag lies in the memories that it carries, so I'll stop using it soon, before it starts to get tatty, and ANZ will become wall art, along with my other treasured possessions and ANZ2 will come out to play (although ANZ was made without a pattern, so there will be slight differences).