Three to go...

There's only three more nights to go until December!

My family had the annual gathering for finalisation of festive plans today. I now have another list of the weirdest combination of foods. I'm not sure how we ever divide the food list, but if someone forgot to bring theirs we would have a rather obscure meal!

Driving home an hour or so ago there's plenty of homes already getting in to the festive spirit, including one of my neighbours and I love it!  My sister is planning on sending her husband into the loft at 8am tomorrow morning so that they can make a start on their decorations early.

I love seeing all the lights, but I'm not sure how I feel about them being on so early.  It's still November!  Sure, put them up, but don't switch them on yet. I like seeing the village centre decorated early, but houses?

My father prefers that I wait for him to help with getting the boxes out of the loft, so I am waiting until Friday when everyone pops round for supper after visiting Santa. The tree will go up on Sunday, there'll be a delay in decorating in this house this year.

When do you prefer to decorate?

Someone very excited about a certain event that's approaching
My neighbours' house