Christmas greetings...

It's important to me to find time to make my Christmas cards every year, usually in August.  More and more people at work are opting for the money to charity route and send an e-card instead. This is not something I am keen on myself, so opt for charity Christmas cards for work colleagues instead.

I like to write my cards in the same evening mid-November (I have never been a fan of writing batches of cards) in front of a Christmas movie, with the lights twinkling, candles lit, curled up on the sofa with the cat.  It helps that I have twinkly lights up all year and can make the most of Christmas movies appearing on tv from October... I used to write my cards in December, but Mum started asking for the ones that she takes earlier and earlier.  I do have to be full-swing in the festive spirit to make the cards for my immediate family, not even I can do those early!

Every year I keep all the special Christmas cards, and shred and compost the rest.  By keeping the special ones I still have the last card that my Gran gave to me, which has become a very treasured item.

Are you a one-nighter or a batcher?