Fixer EA-xtraordinaire

As a former trainer and now one of nine EAs in a group of over 200 PAs (and that's just our London office) my role has evolved into one of mentoring and development. Someone suggested I take the knowledge I have learned and share it outside the firm, so here I am merging my creative side and blog (life) with my Fixer side (work).  I'll be posting a mix of work and life, sometimes both.

It's commonly thought that there are eight key areas that our role consists of - leadership; adaptability and flexibility; problem solving; teamwork; planning and organising; client and business focus; and communications.  I'll be writing about these under the categories Lead, Connect, Collaborate, and Excel.  I'll also be writing about Vitality, which will be a more light-hearted side, including gratitude.

I'd love to hear your comments and questions and I hope you find the content useful.