Gift giving...

I just LOVE to shop for Christmas presents.  I spend all year looking for the perfect thing for my loved ones.  I also make a lot of my presents.  I obviously can't say too much about what I have made this year, so am posting a picture of the gift I  made for my sister's wedding anniversary last week. I love this year's make so much that I have made one for myself.  I find that's always a sign of how much you like a gift you make, a bit like cooking - never eat food the chef won't eat!

We have one family member who still believes in Santa, though us adults believe too.  I'm quite lucky that I don't have too many people to buy for.  We used to buy presents for each other at work, but that became a bit much for us all when we grew to 20, so now we have Secret Santa instead. Santa usually visits during our Christmas lunch, but this year Santa is working in our Jo'burg office for a couple of weeks, and gift swapping will happen later in the month, which is quite nice to add another day of fun.

I love wrapping presents as much as I love buying or making them.  I know it'll only get ripped off and thrown on the floor, but there's something about well-wrapped gifts in gorgeous paper sitting under the tree.  The hardest part is to not unwrap them, I have yet to move past age four and the desire to tear the paper of wrapped presents to shreds!

My sister's anniversary present