Lists, lists and more lists...

I am a fan of lists.  I have several I use every day, well, I am an EA! One of my favourites is my Christmas book.  December is the only time of year that I keep a paper diary as well as an electronic one to keep my plans, photo notes, gift ideas, to-do lists all in one place.

I have a list of daily JYC prompts, though am a bit cack-handed as I use the prompts from the year before and shuffle them around to fit with my plans for each day.  I'm too organised by nature and with my day starting at 4.30am to fit everything in (commute with a nap, gym, 10-hour work-day, commute home, etc.) if I leave it to the day itself to read Shimelle's prompt it's usually the train journey home and I have missed several photo opportunities and never complete the album.

Then there's the letter to Santa!  I still write one, it no longer contains most of the Argos catalogue, but it does have what I really want.  I love receiving from my sister the photo of my niece posting her letter to Santa.  It's odd that she posts the letter as she goes to see Santa every year...

Posting a letter to Santa, December 2013