One week to go...

One week today I'll be transfixed watching Downton Abbey.  I'll be thoroughly stuffed from lots of amazing food, almost a bit like today (without Downton).  In some ways it doesn't feel that Christmas is one week today - it's rather mild for this time of year, our party was later than usual, our advent day was earlier than usual, it's funny how such simple things can change how you feel in a "timely fashion".

I had such an amazing time at the Christmas party last night and am feeling very festive right now.  Our trainees have to put on a little show at the party every year, usually teasing the partners, and this year it was an Oscar spin - The Hommels (named after our Regional Head).  My boss won The Hommel for "Would die without their PA" and, in the nature of the award's title, I had to collect it on his behalf.  I am still chuckling about this all now.  My Hommel has pride of place on my desk.