Time to talk...

Yesterday was #TimetoTalk Day.  One in four of us are affected by mental health, and many feel uncomfortable or unable to talk about it, though that makes me wonder if it's higher than one in four.  I have lost a few people in my life, one just a few weeks ago, who have felt that there was no other option than to take their own life. I have personally been affected by mental health having been diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis seven years ago.

I am very blessed and grateful that my firm has a Mental Health Mentor programme that is open to anyone.  Each mentor has been affected by mental health either personally or because of a loved one, and is available, after some training, for a quick chat or for a long term mentorship.  We also have a counselling service through an employee helpline scheme or we can access help through the private GP service that the firm retains and our private health insurance.  This access has been the reason I have been able to control my illness so well, that and my stubborn determination to never let it beat me.

Mental health can affect any of us at any time and we need to do more to ensure shame is no longer a factor preventing people in getting help. Join me and 90,041 others (at time of writing) in making a pledge.

For more information on mental health please have a look here -

Time to Change