Crazy, crazy days

It has been a crazy few weeks and time has flown by.

Nominations are now open for the London PA Awards.  I'm so proud to be champion for the "Company Ambassador" award.  I'm excited to see the entries, although anonymised, but I have no idea how we shall shortlist amongst some amazing assistants we have out there. Please spread the word and get nominating - make my shortlisting job difficult!

I am also the guest blogger on Eventopedia's Proud PA, which is such a privilege. Take a look at the other fantastic blog posts too, there's some great content on there.  You'll find some great venues too.

We also had Executive Secretary Live in London earlier this month.  I was only able to attend the gala dinner this year due to other commitments, but from I was hearing that evening I missed out on an amazing two days.  With such stellar speakers and attendees flying in from the across the globe to attend and network it really is worth every penny.

I started a new job yesterday. I wasn't really looking to leave the old place, but something came up that was too good to miss! It was sad to leave, but I'm very excited by the new challenge, AND I have a window at the new place! After 8 years of having to look through my boss' glass wall to his window to see a view of Moorgate and cranes, I now get to look out of my own at the Canary Wharf skyline. My notice period was quite stressful. They didn't find a replacement until the antepenultimate day, with everything else going on there was barely time for a handover.  I was surprised by my boys, though; I expected one to be extremely happy for me and very supportive and the other one to be less-so.  I was right that one fell into each category, I was just wrong in which category it would be.

I also haven't had broadband at home for over a month!  I haven't been able to remote-access, I haven't been able to watch box-sets, not that this means I have had free time on my hands as shopping takes much longer when you can't do so online! More importantly - I haven't been able to post on the blog!  As you can see, this has been rectified.  More posts to follow soon, but in the meantime I have some new shoes to buy.