Persevere or quit...?

Hands up who is guilty of giving too much time to something that we should have quit a long time ago. Me!  Be it relationships, projects/goals, a job, once something starts to drain all your time, or even become obsessive, we should take a step back to assess if it really is important and will be successful or if you need to call on willpower to walk away.

Signs that something is worth quitting -

1.  Lack of support from others.
If people are not interested in what you are doing and don't want to be around you because they're fed up of hearing you talking about it, it might be time to re-assess.  If you are no longer excited by it and seem to be talking more negatively than positively then it's definitely time to re-assess. Are the usually positive people in your life pointing out the pitfalls?

2. Your health is affected.
Spiritually, mentally or physically, if your health or mood is deteriorating you should stop immediately.

3. Lack of momentum.
If it's been a considerable amount of time and the only energy being expended is your own and it's starting to get you down it might be time to step back.  Does it seem like it will all fall apart if you are not there holding it together?

4. Shame.
If you're embarrassed to tell people then it's not something that fits with your core values and it's time to move on.

5. Your pocket is affected.
If money is going in, but nothing is coming from it it's time to determine if it's really worth potential bankruptcy.

However, if the opposites are true then perhaps it's worth preserving.  Perhaps re-set your pace, remember times when you did persevere and how it felt.  If you can't change job for financial reasons look for something else that could bring the excitement.

We shouldn't want to settle for mediocrity, we should live a live full of passion and joy.  By comparing yourself and setting standards against your competition or other's expectations your are limiting yourself in what you can become. Your only competition should be yourself.  Aim to be better than the person you are today. Set yourself unimaginable standards, make extraordinary effort, and achieve sensational results.