40 before 40

It's official - I turn 40 this year! 

I set some of this year's goals six months early, in the form of a "40 before 40" list. I have been saying for longer than I can remember "I really want to do that" or "I've had these for years, I should do something with them". It took a little while to think of something for 33-40, but I wrote them all down and I eventually had my 40.

There's quite a few sporty things on there, a few personal things, and a few thoroughly bizarre things.

I have been saying that I want to go to the indoor skydive place near me since it opened. Done.
I have always wanted to see a Christmas concert at the Royal Albert Hall. Done.
I have wanted to go to the opera. Done.

Indoor skydive, Royal Albert Hall, English National Opera

Clay pigeon shooting, rock climbing, abseiling are all on the list. Various running achievements ranging from Spartan, to multiple half-marathons, to the Greensand Ridge, although these all depend on my lungs staying in pretty good shape.  These will contribute to one of my overall goals for 2017, which is to run1000km before the end of the year.

I want to do a handstand and a cartwheel to see if I still can, although I'm prepared for both to be a lot less graceful than when I was younger. I own topsy-turvy cake tins, never used them, so that's on the list. Potentially the biggest challenge of them all - I want to use up my cupboards, drawers, and bags of dress fabric. I might have overstretched myself on that one...

Number 40 is to relinquish control and be at peace with the fact that for reasons outside of my control I may not complete the list. By 30 December I'll hopefully have a list with red ticks all along, but if not, then I'm OK with that.