Goal setting 2017 part one...

if you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time

I live my life in seasons, and never more so than when it comes to goal-setting. I'm not a fan of celebrating New Year, not least because it interferes with my birthday far too much, but mainly because, for me, the new year starts in Spring.   Winter is always an exceptionally busy time of year for me and Spring always seems to be rather calm.  So the end of Winter is ideal time for my goals yearly review, with the new ones starting off in Spring.

Surprisingly, considering how regimental I am in pretty much every area of my life, my goal setting and review process has always been a tad haphazard.  I set goals yearly, I review quarterly and breaking it down into weekly and daily kind of goes out the window. I know how it should go in my head, I just don’t commit the smaller steps to paper meaning my road to somewhere is quite fluid, more like a river I guess, and it has always amazed me that I am able to allow this “lack of perfectionism” into my life.  I recently read Vanessa Vallely's “Heels of Steel”, which I highly recommend to anyone for Vanessa's story alone, but it has within it a fantastic how-to guide on how to start planning for goal setting and reviewing. 

I am quite envious of my friends who have a laid-back attitude to life and pick one or two goals for the year.  Actually, they don’t even refer them to as goals, just as something they might want to do this year!  I have, on average, 18 goals per year…

I split my goals into five categories: 1) wellness, 2) career, 3) family and home, 4) financial, and 5) spiritual.  Within each of those I then choose goals based on what I want to achieve and I try to limit myself to three per category.  Some rely on one another, some are completely standalone.

At every review I consider if I’m happy, am I passionate about the goal, am I looking forward to it, does it still fit with what I really want to do.  Granted, I don’t love the wellness goals all the time – if it’s chucking with rain and freezing cold you bet I’m not looking forward to that run, but I am definitely looking forward to the hot bath and cup of coffee after!