Goal setting 2017 part two...

Along with setting goals, there's a lot to be said for choosing one word to define how you want to feel with what you want to achieve.  I have been choosing a word for over ten years now to help align my goals with my core values and how I want to feel. My most empowering words have been:
  1. transform, turned out to be the year I left a toxic relationship.
  2. strength, which was the year I was diagnosed with ME and I certainly needed strength! Perhaps stubborn also works...
  3. knowledge, I became a student of many things including finally going to university.
  4. compassion, so appropriate as this was the year I had a near-relapse of my ME and had to drop out of uni.

So what’s 2017’s word? Connect.  I wouldn’t say that I have been disconnected from people, though I have certainly been putting myself first more often and saying no if it means that I am going to over-do it.  So that I can keep better connected with many of the wonderful people I know from Twitter or Instagram, I have created lists/culled numbers so there’s quality as I’m scrolling through (and if you create a list in Twitter it ditches the adverts and the "in case you missed it" type posts!). So that I do not feel exhausted by staying up late (or not getting out of bed when the alarm goes off because I’m scrolling Instagram…), I have installed a detox app that prevents me opening any social media between 10pm and 7am. I also switch off data and wifi at night now and am sleeping so much better for doing so.  I tried aeroplane mode, until the night my parents needed to get hold of me at 3am and couldn’t do so on the mobile and it turns out that I sleep through the house phone ringing too, so by switching off data and wifi only I am still able to receive texts and calls.

I want to connect with my faith – whilst I am actively spiritual every day I am feeling a disconnect where it seems maybe more habit than a conscious effort. I want to connect to a different style of fitness and nutrition regime – I’m getting over yet another respiratory infection, my adrenal glands are fatigued, and most of what I was doing last year to maintain my fitness was based indoors, so this year it’s connecting fitness with nature and whilst I’ll still track my macros to some extent, I’m more interested in reducing the quantity of ingredients, and the time, that go into each meal and keeping it very simple.

Life is to be simple this year, in some ways it's about connecting with other people, in other's it's about disconnecting with other people - I am still an introvert after all...