Run1000km challenge

Potentially the biggest goal for this year is the Run1000km challenge I have set myself.  I am a runner; health issues may prevent me from running, but nonetheless I am a runner.  My optimum distance is half-marathon.  Would I run a marathon?  Probably not.  Thanks to health issues my average speed nowadays for a half-marathon is 2.5hrs and that's on a good day. I suspect a marathon would take more than five and I just don't have it in me to push my body through that.

Running 1000km, the equivalent of London to Prague, before I turn 40? That I can do.  I always set my goals later in the year meaning I only have March to December to achieve this.  Add to that the fact that I have been unwell, again, so banned from running, again, and only recently cleared to run.  Recovery training means that, when it comes to my lungs, I am a beginner, again, and always re-start with the run/walk principles of plans akin to couch to 5k.  You would think that after the amount of times I have re-started I would have developed the patience needed to get my lungs back up to par to match my limbs, but no, I haven’t.  If anything I am more frustrated and impatient every single time I have to start over.

It’s this frustration that causes me to set ridiculous goals for myself.  One year it was to have only three months to be able to run a half-marathon, another was to hike the Carpathians for a week.  Why bother doing things the easy way?!  It should, in theory, be 100km per month, but bearing in the mind I have had to spend the last three months re-building my lungs, limiting myself to only three runs per week (not easy when I’d usually run at least five times per week), at a run/walk pace up to 20 minutes I’m lucky if I get to 3k!  So March - May has been ridiculously low mileage, but my lungs are holding their own, so hopefully now I can up the mileage and start to catch up with myself!  I'll keep you posted...