40 before 40 in review...

I can honestly say that having a list to achieve is absolutely the best way to celebrate a milestone.  I spent 14 months celebrating turning 40. I also had my birthday party 3 months early! I loved all of it, except the spa day, turns out I'm not a spa kinda gal.

I ticked 34 items off the list, including Edinburgh, running Arthur's Seat, Belfast, Barcelona, running 1000km, indoor skydive, becoming a licensed run leader, Royal Albert Hall, English National Opera, British comedy show, clay pigeon shooting, Whole30, tech-free weekend, joining a running club, rock climbing, running the Greensand Way, crazy trail half-marathons, walking over the O2, yoga, going to the cinema alone, plus a few more.

Then there's the things that I didn't complete, all lesser wants, which I had saved until Christmas. Unfortunately I had to say goodbye to my darling Hali on 22 December, and that really did it for me.

I lost complete interest and had to focus on finishing the 1000km, so I didn't read my very old copy of A Christmas Carol, I didn't decorate a gingerbread house, or bake bread. 

I also didn't hit my time goals for running either, as the year progressed I had to choose between hitting PBs or the 1000km and the fundraising, so of course charity won.

As said in my goal review I'm actually ok with only doing 34, and considering how many goals I tend to set for myself yearly anyway, it's really quite an epic achievement. Plus, those last few things can still be done this year. Do you know, some people have already asked if I'll do a 50 before 50?! Some people definitely need to focus more on being in the now!