Goals: 2017 in review...

We are approaching the end of February, which means it’s time to review this year’s goals. I have five main areas I like to focus on and then split goals down further within this.

Following my October check-in I can easily say that I didn’t get much further with Twitter!; the social media and WiFi cut-off is still going strong; mindfulness is rather hit and miss; and I made a great start with clearing through 15yrs of stuff in my house.
My main goal for the year was Wellness and to run 1000km before turning 40 whilst fundraising £1000 for the charity that supports my niece.  I happily finished the 1000km on 29 December, one day before my birthday, and smashed through the £1000 mark. With the goal to have more self-compassion, and having run daily from Sept – Dec, I woke on my birthday and decided I didn’t need to run. I then didn’t run for three weeks, and it was wonderful!

The biggest surprise for me was how much stuff I let go.  There were things I didn't achieve and for the first time in a long time, I really was able to accept this and not let my inner-perfectionist beat myself up over it.

My 40 before 40 list, I didn’t do it all, but more on this to follow.

Now I take the time to set next year's goals in place, and 2018's value word - Simplicity.... 

Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day!