Goals for 2018

As mentioned in my 2017 review, this year's word is Simplicity.  My inner-perfectionist and my introversion have had enough of all the noise and busy-ness, so I am taking a really big step back. I'll still focus on all five categories, but will only have one goal within each instead of the usual three or more.

One of my favourite trails near home

In my quest for simplicity, this year is to be serious about play! After having so much fun last year with my 40 before 40 I want to take time for more fun, take time to be silly, go off the beaten track.

So what's the big goal? This year will continue with prioritising the wellness category, and I will be running an ultra.  Yep, 31 miles of trails through the Chiltern Hills. Quite literally going off the beaten track.

The goals in entirety are:

1) wellness: run an ultra, which means getting myself into the best shape I can physically, mentally and spiritually;
2) career: I am really enjoying my work, the chap I work for is great, the company and people really fit my values, and I've been able to find the flexibility I need for a better work/life balance than I had at my last law firm, even though I work longer hours now, therefore the goal is to continue building the relationships;
3) family and home: running an ultra means fuelling for the training and the event itself, so what better way to spend time with family and friends than to spend more time eating food! With home, I want to make life as simple as possible and have a very big de-cluttering plan for this year;
4) financial: taking food to work, which will be more nutritious, much cheaper than buying it and links back to wellness (still buying daily coffee, though); and
5) spiritual: mindfulness and meditation focus, which will happen a lot whilst running the trails.

...and that's it...

It really does feel like I have forgotten something with having only 6 goals for the year, but the point is simplicity, and it wouldn't be simple if I had another year of 18 goals plus the 40 before 40.  Fingers crossed I don't get to October to discover I've been adding goals all along...