Make Monday Great

With a bank holiday weekend last week, this Monday felt tough. So I'm on a mission to make Monday great! I don't mean Friday evening great, no-more-Monday-blues great.  To be honest, Monday tends to only be rubbish because we think it is rubbish - the weekend is over so why wouldn't we hate Monday?! So how can we improve Mondays?
Here's a few of the things I have tried.

Happy Monday always starts with a smile

 1. Under-schedule. Where possible, leave your heavy tasks for Tuesday, try to keep the day as light as possible and less chance of over-whelm. Though try scheduling some breaks and silent moments.  I rarely get a lunch break, but when I do, it's always a Monday. I always keep Monday night for myself (no kids...) and, except in extreme circumstance, I will never work late. Otherwise, I'm a wreck for the rest of the week.

 2. Have a morning routine. Indulge in your cup of tea or coffee, go for a walk, stand outside in the sun, but whatever you do it's not meant to involve checking your work emails.

 3. Speaking of work emails, I like to purge mine on a Friday afternoon so I have a clean to-do list and a clearer inbox come Monday morning.

 4. Try going to bed a little earlier on Sunday night, even if just to read for a little while. 

 5. Meet a friend for lunch. Carry over a little of the weekend into Monday by having a fun catch-up with a good friend.

 6. Drink water! Dehydration makes us tired.  I've noticed lately that Monday is a little easier to get through when I remember to drink water.

 7. Fix the blues on the Sunday evening.  Think of a few things you are grateful for at work - that you have a job, that you have colleagues you get on well with, that you can afford your mortgage, that you have free coffee.  Anything that helps you appreciate going to work.

 8. Have a great weekend. Having a fulfilled weekend gives more positive things to talk about come Monday than the "what weekend?" comments.  Connect with someone, do less (housework...) I avoid making plans on both Saturday and Sunday so that I have some me-time and time to relax, volunteer your time, play and have fun!

 9. Expect a great day. Make a commitment that you will have a good day.  Positivity breeds positivity, and walk away from the negative people trying to bring down your day.

 10. Smile. They are contagious, after all.

 What would you do to make Monday great?

 Have a great day.